Resource Balancing

(Britt)  Chase and I have started resource balancing over the past couple of days. We are trying to get a general sense of how much we want each resource to branch out and also brainstorm on how not to over saturate the game. It’s very tough at the moment theory crafting without players in the game. I’m looking forward to playing the game with friends so that we can get more input on what feels right. Something that we have debated is if we should have “crafting terminals”.  For example,  in order to create a silver axe that requires 2 wood and 2 refined silver, I think you should have to take the silver you have mined, refine it at a furnace, and then complete the axe at some sort of blacksmith table. Chase would like for players to only have to refine your silver at a furnace and then be able to create the axe anywhere on the map without any sort of table. You would hit “i” and your inventory/crafting GUI would appear and you could create your axe by placing the 2 refined silver and 2 wood in the crafting 3×3 area. He believes the tables only purpose should be to reduce creation time.  This is just one of many debates that we have on a daily basis.

The pure number of resources has also been difficult narrowing down.  We can come up with a lot of creative uses for resources but making sure that the game escalates naturally is going to be a challenge. We are toying around with the use of alloys right now.

Copper + Zync = Brass

Copper+Tin= Bronze

Coal+Iron = Steel

Some of these metals will be bonuses when crafting metals or even other items. Silver is commonly found in Gold, Bronze and Zinc so I thought it would be a neat idea if we had sort of a bonus roll when you create something like refined gold or bronze armor and then silver could appear in your inventory as a bonus.  As of right now, Silver deposits can rarely be found in our game and Zinc can only be found as a bonus to crafting something with limestone.  These are just a few examples of what we have been fooling with the last couple of days. Of course, everything is subject to change and probably will change over the course of our project. For my next entry I’ll make sure to include art to spice things up a bit.

Thanks for reading and we appreciate any feedback!