Easter Update: Stash/Inventory system complete (well mostly)

Overdue update! Chase has been plugging away at our checklist of goals for alpha and he completed a big piece this week.  Our stash and inventory system was a big hurdle because of the online dynamic and it’s done (99.9234512%)!. A lot of other features in our game rely’s on that code so it is a huge step for us.

Graphically we’ve changed quiet a bit in the last month.  I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of looks and I’ve finally settled on a style. In our recent posts we’ve shown our main character and items and I’ve decided to have the rest of the world and environments match that pixel art look. Since making that decision I’ve been slowly changing over our gui and adding new content. I’m going to wait to show off what the game looks like currently in motion because of the lack of objects on our environments.


One last thing I wanted to show is a mockup of our menu screen/cover. I didn’t quiet finish it (notice the shadow less bear) but I covered the general idea. I’ve handed this over to our friend @tsgrust and he’s been working on his own take. I can’t wait to see what he creates, but until then, here’s my mockup.