(Britt) I’ve been having a lot of fun designing weapons and learning more about pixel art. Our weapons and even our protagonist now are taking on a pixel art style. We were playing around with the visuals and we think it really makes our player and weapons/items pop with the back drop of our world. Our world and monsters/animals still retain the same look that we showed off in our fist demo though. Only the weapons and main character have changed. From a story/setting perspective, the changes work well with what we are trying to do.

Here are just a few items that I’ve done. Had to throw in a Majora’s Mask style sword ūüėČ


We are going to have a huge collection of weapons, including bows, sword, hammers, axes and more. I don’t want to put a number or guesstimate on the amount of weapons we will have until we get into more balancing.

My brother and I really like exaggerated pixel weapons so you will see that reflected in our game. We grew up playing a lot of 2D mmo’s and 2D rpgs so farming for that sweet looking item is something we’ve done a lot over the years and enjoyed.¬†We are still discussing how we are going to tier the weapons. Items will have different effects and attributes,¬†including things like bleed, speed reduction etc. This will make the question “which item is better?” more ambiguous. Of course, something like a starting wooden sword vs a heavily farmed diamond/obsidian axe will be clear cut which is better, but we want play-style to also be¬†a bit of a factor.

Thank you all for continuing to read our updates. I’ll try to continue to post on a weekly basis…TRY ūüėõ

Networking and Towers

(Britt) Over the last couple of weeks Chase has turned his attention to cleaning up and adding code on the networking side of things. Since I only mainly¬†do the art and design side of the game I can’t go into too much detail about what he’s done. But I know a good chunk of it has been smoothing out online player interaction. Our goal is for online play to be as seamless as possible and to look as clean as if you were playing offline. I think we are about at that point. Chase has also added a bit of PVP systems. ¬†He has added global kill pvp streak announcements and global visuals/audio to make things more exciting. We feel like the global announcements gives the players a bit of an extra incentive to take on other players and become infamous. Be careful though, you might not want to become preoccupied too much with attacking other players as you will also need to focus your attention on the Titans. A player might not be too forgiving when he sees giant rock monsters destroying your belongings, if you were just seen killing innocents the night before.

I don’t have many visuals to update what we’ve been working on but I’ll leave you guys with screenshots of our current towers. Right now the plan is for the towers to be resource expensive because we feel like they give the players a big advantage. Each tower gives the players the ability to scout out other players, Titans, etc. Climbing the tower will zoom the map out to give you a better view of the area. You will want to build these strategically around the map. We are still brainstorming about the towers and its possible uses.

Tonight Chase and I will be hopping on the game together and testing out the new spawn point system he has created. ¬†Hopefully I’ll have video soon of some of the progress that we made.

Until next time!





(Britt) I wrote a bit about Titans and the threat that they pose but there will also be danger that lives above ground. We want to prevent players from being too complacent so we’re testing out certain aggro ranges and how enemy wildlife should interact with players and what you’ve created. There will be certain things that you can build to help protect your belongings but there should always be a need to go out and explore. The increasing occurrence of the Titans will help drive most of that need. When a Titan spawns¬† the ground will shake to make the players aware of their arrival. You’ll then want to scout out the Titans using watch towers and other things so that you can defeat them to gain resources and also to scavenge their underground. You will also get resources off of regular spawns but also by scouting out “elites”.¬† Elites will have a different color palette then regular enemies, sometimes a different size, damage amounts and even attack animation. These harder enemies will give you better/rarer resources. Here’s a few examples of elites compared to their normal spawns.





(Britt) While you play the majority of our game above ground, what’s below the surface is very important. At different time intervals creatures from below will make their way to the surface and potentially reek havoc on your belongings. You can get rare materials off these creatures and also by traveling underground via the large hole these mineral..golemy-ish looking creatures created. This hole will only be available for a limited amount of time so you will want to scout out its location quickly after you feel the quake. There will be underground specific items to mine and a new terrain. During each quake an elite underground creature will spawn that we are calling “Titans” at the moment. There will be a variety of Titans that each have a unique drop that will allow for you to craft rare items. Next week I’m hoping to show you guys a Titan! ūüôā


Resource Balancing

(Britt) ¬†Chase and I have started resource balancing over the past couple of days. We are trying to get a general sense of how much we want each resource to branch out and also brainstorm on how not to over saturate the game. It’s very tough at the moment theory crafting without players in the game. I’m looking forward to playing the game with friends so that we can get more input on what feels right. Something that we have debated is if we should have “crafting terminals”. ¬†For example, ¬†in order to create a silver axe that requires¬†2 wood and 2 refined silver, I think you should have to take the silver you have mined, refine it at a furnace, and then complete the axe¬†at some sort of blacksmith table. Chase would like for players to only have to refine your silver at a furnace and then be able to create the axe anywhere on the map without any sort of table. You would hit “i” and your inventory/crafting GUI would appear and you could create your axe by placing the 2 refined silver and 2 wood in the crafting 3×3 area. He believes¬†the tables only purpose should be to reduce creation time. ¬†This is just one of many debates that we have on a daily basis.

The pure number of resources has also been difficult narrowing down.  We can come up with a lot of creative uses for resources but making sure that the game escalates naturally is going to be a challenge. We are toying around with the use of alloys right now.

Copper + Zync = Brass

Copper+Tin= Bronze

Coal+Iron = Steel

Some of these metals will be bonuses when crafting metals or even other items. Silver is commonly found in Gold, Bronze and¬†Zinc so I thought it would be a neat idea if we had sort of a bonus roll when you create something like refined gold or¬†bronze armor and then silver could appear in your inventory as a bonus. ¬†As of right now, Silver deposits can rarely be found in our game and Zinc can only be found as a bonus to crafting something with limestone. ¬†These are just a few examples of what we have been fooling with the last couple of days. Of course, everything is subject to change and probably will change over the course of our project. For my next entry I’ll make sure to include art to spice things up a bit.

Thanks for reading and we appreciate any feedback!



If you’re visiting our site you probably watched our brief demo earlier today. If you missed it, I’ll link a recording of it at the bottom of this post as soon as it becomes available. Both BrothersByDefault.com and BeneathUs.com link to this blog for the time being. We hope to provide updates on our progress over the coming months as we finish our game. Until then, enjoy this¬†rolling gator….
(Update: Here’s a recording of tonights demo/Q&A. Gameplay starts at about 5:30)