Upgrading to Unity to 5.1!

(Britt) Today we are upgrading to Unity 5.1. Chase has a lot of network code to transfer over and improve. He’s very excited about the new features that 5.1 has.  “uNet” is what Chase is looking forward to the most because of its network capabilities.  http://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/05/12/announcing-unet-new-unity-multiplayer-technology/

Prior to the upgrade I’ve been working on the over-world and populating it. I’m tailoring it right now to fit our testing that we are soon to start. We want to polish the first couple of hours of gameplay and the titan combat before we begin testing. We are then going to ask some of our friends to test it out and get feedback from them. When we do this we will be sure to post video since I know we are yet to really show off what “Beneath Us” looks like.

I think its reasonable to expect that we will have begun our testing by the last week of July. We have a charity event in the middle of July and a lot to prepare for that will take up much of our free time in the coming weeks. In between getting ready for the event and our jobs we will be getting in as much work as possible on the game.

I look forward to showing you all “Beneath Us” soon 🙂