The Road to Alpha

(Britt) A couple of weeks ago Chase and I compiled a checklist of features that we wanted in the game before we started testing “Beneath Us” with a group of people. We came up with 26 different things and Chase has made pretty good progress on about 5 of those since then.  Some of those features include our farming system, weather and day night cycle. If you watched our demo each of these were already in the game but not complete. Chase has added a little more depth to them this week. He’s also about 70- 80% done with our chat and tower systems.

Right now the list wouldn’t make too much sense to post because its written in an odd way. Things like, “fix stacky bug thingamajig”. I’ll see if we can clean it up this week and post it with the progress that has been made.

On the art side of things, I’ve been adding livestock to our game as well as touching up our main character. Like I mentioned in our previous post we changed the look of our main character to a different style of pixel art than the terrain. Here’s what he looks like now walking.




Some other animations are complete on him as well but I don’t have access to them on this computer. Ultimately we will make it to where you can customize your skin color, sex and hairstyle.Since this gif was made I have changed his legs a bit so that there is no gap between him and his body.

I’ve also finished the art for our farming system. We have 4 different stages of 4 different crops; corn, tomato, pumpkin and hemp.  With each of the crops and livestock we want them to fill a different need. A good example would be using your cow’s milk to give you a 2 hour health buff. The corn feeds your livestock while hemp is used for string/rope in different weapons and buildings. Crops can have multiple uses when crafting. You also have the option of breaking down the individual crop into even more seeds after its grown to its full potential.

These are just a few things that we’ve got going on right now and like everything, they’re subject to change.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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