(Britt) I’ve been having a lot of fun designing weapons and learning more about pixel art. Our weapons and even our protagonist now are taking on a pixel art style. We were playing around with the visuals and we think it really makes our player and weapons/items pop with the back drop of our world. Our world and monsters/animals still retain the same look that we showed off in our fist demo though. Only the weapons and main character have changed. From a story/setting perspective, the changes work well with what we are trying to do.

Here are just a few items that I’ve done. Had to throw in a Majora’s Mask style sword 😉


We are going to have a huge collection of weapons, including bows, sword, hammers, axes and more. I don’t want to put a number or guesstimate on the amount of weapons we will have until we get into more balancing.

My brother and I really like exaggerated pixel weapons so you will see that reflected in our game. We grew up playing a lot of 2D mmo’s and 2D rpgs so farming for that sweet looking item is something we’ve done a lot over the years and enjoyed. We are still discussing how we are going to tier the weapons. Items will have different effects and attributes, including things like bleed, speed reduction etc. This will make the question “which item is better?” more ambiguous. Of course, something like a starting wooden sword vs a heavily farmed diamond/obsidian axe will be clear cut which is better, but we want play-style to also be a bit of a factor.

Thank you all for continuing to read our updates. I’ll try to continue to post on a weekly basis…TRY 😛


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