(Britt) I wrote a bit about Titans and the threat that they pose but there will also be danger that lives above ground. We want to prevent players from being too complacent so we’re testing out certain aggro ranges and how enemy wildlife should interact with players and what you’ve created. There will be certain things that you can build to help protect your belongings but there should always be a need to go out and explore. The increasing occurrence of the Titans will help drive most of that need. When a Titan spawns  the ground will shake to make the players aware of their arrival. You’ll then want to scout out the Titans using watch towers and other things so that you can defeat them to gain resources and also to scavenge their underground. You will also get resources off of regular spawns but also by scouting out “elites”.  Elites will have a different color palette then regular enemies, sometimes a different size, damage amounts and even attack animation. These harder enemies will give you better/rarer resources. Here’s a few examples of elites compared to their normal spawns.





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